Sohrab is a long time member of the tech community, having worked as a Creative at Apple Inc. for several years. He’s since left the company and started his own Apple Certified consulting firm focusing on social media and brand strategy at Bebi Tech Consulting with a focus on telling your story.. He’s also the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Sony Reconsidered, a website dedicated to building a community around Sony & PlayStation.

Sohrab has also co-created a new venture with Allegra Wilson called iBooksEditor which focuses on empowering the writing community by making it easier than ever to create and edit iBooks to Apple’s iBookstore.

With great passion for Edgar Rice Burroughs and John Carter, Sohrab also leads the Back to Barsoom campaign, aimed at educating the public about ERB and John Carter.

A media junky, when not busy with work, Sohrab can be found consuming movies, TV shows and anything Marvel. He’s also a car fanatic and belongs to several BMW/MINI car clubs.