Current projects:


As Founder and Editor-In-Cheif, SonyRumors was created as a open letter to Sony from the perspective of a former Apple Inc. employee and current consultant. Since then, SRN has grown to be one of the largest Sony focused websites with news, reviews, and editorials that covers Sony, PlayStation and other entities of Sony.

SRN facts

  • Facebook audience of 26,000+
  • YouTube views of 1,000,000+
  • Has been read over 2,000,000+
  • Attend annual events like CES and E3

Bebi_150Bebi Tech Consulting


Leaving Apple Inc., I founded Bebi Tech, an Apple Certified consulting firm. While Bebi Tech started with a focus on Mac, PC, and home theater setups with a keen focus on simplicity, its services have since grown to offer social media and web design along with a strong focus on mobile with iOS. While technology can be seen as a cold and intimating thing, the company’s mission is to make tech personable and enriching to its clients lives and businesses.

Barsoom_150Back To Barsoom

Founding Member

After experiencing Andrew Stanton’s John Carter and falling in love with the Mars series from Edgar Rice Burroughs, I was brought on board to turn Back to Barsoom to what it is today. Initially perceived as a fan group that aimed to fight for a sequel and/or reboot of John Carter, I’ve since transitioned the groups goals and my personal responsibilities to help consult the ERB estate in order to maximize their IPs and grow their core audience and reach. In addition to helping organize the group and community events, I’ve also designed the website, edited videos, and lead its social media campaign.

B2B facts

Previous Projects:


Glitch_150A Glitch In


Designed as an experimental project from the start, A Glitch In aimed to create content exclusively for cord cutters with a focus on millennials. Part of the projects objective was to merry podcasting, live streams, written content, and edited videos in a cohesive package that was entertaining and informal to its audience while enticing and lucrative to content creators like Sony owned Crackle which we worked with.

TV_150TV Write Now


Being a huge movie and TV buff, I’ve been a part of many wonderful community for shows like LOST & Fringe and this has allowed me to take that passion one step further. TV Write Now is a podcast that features in-depth interviews with today’s top TV writers, to enlighten and educate fans about how their favorite series’ come to life. I serve as the podcasts editor where I edit, polish, and prepare interviews for iTunes and other outlets.

iBooks_150iBooks Editor


A collaboration between Allegra Wilson and myself, iBooks Editor was created to serve the independent writers community. Our company helped create and edit iBooks and empowered authors to take control of their books.  Our goal was to let our clients embrace technology and bring their books to the 21st century with a modern twist that takes advantage of the many new features eBooks can offer. Allegra, whom shares a deep love for books, words, and language maintained the sites day to day tasks while I made it a priority  to stream line the design, services, and business model.